Ryan Neil’s Bonsai


DSC_0261DSC_0263DSC_0267DSC_0268DSC_0270DSC_0271DSC_0272DSC_0273DSC_0274DSC_0275DSC_0276DSC_0277DSC_0278DSC_0279DSC_0287DSC_0297DSC_0340Made a 200 mile trip to Portland  Japanese Garden to see Ryan Neil’s bonsai display at the last day of the exhibit.  We made it a family trip after enticing my teenage daughter and wife of the tax-free shopping they could do while we’re in Portland.   We stayed overnight at a hotel so we are not rushed going back home the same day.  It was worth the trip and to be inspired by the great bonsai trees on display.   What was interested to me was to see the Ponderosa bonsai on display.  I’ve seen on pictures and I’ve imagined it being smaller.  I think this tree really stands out as a great symbol of the American Bonsai movement.  It’s not your typical pyramid shape tree seen from a lot of the Japanese influenced bonsai but it truly has a different feel to it.  I love it!

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