Arakawa Maple thread graft

Nebari Bonsai

I like the base of this maple, and love twin trunk trees. This is an air-layer I made in around 2010.



Unfortunately, even 6 years later, I don’t think these two trunks interact very well, and they both lack much character in their mid-sections.

Since its on its own roots, I don’t need to pull the attention upward, and would like to reduce the scale, and eliminate some of the boring areas in the tree. I wanted to place a graft on the left side that could become both the first left branch, and become the next section of trunk; adding some movement, taper, and hopefully create an opportunity to make the trunks work better together.

Thread grafts are easy, and their success rate is high. Plan a season ahead: grow a long branch or three.

Mark both sides of the trunk, ensure the branch will comply. Drill…

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