Arakawa Maple thread graft

Originally posted on Nebari Bonsai:
I like the base of this maple, and love twin trunk trees. This is an air-layer I made in around 2010. 2013: 2015: Unfortunately, even 6 years later, I don’t think these two trunks interact very well, and they both lack much character in their mid-sections. Since its on its own roots, I don’t need to pull the attention upward,… Continue reading Arakawa Maple thread graft


Originally posted on DISCOVERY BONSAI:
I recently acquired this pine bark Japanese maple (Acer Palmatum’Nishiki Gawa’) from Owen Reich.  It has superb genetics, as the internodes are short, leaf shape is perfect, and it has an excellent skeleton to work with.  Thus, it is the perfect candidate for cutting propagation.  After about two hours of work, I ended up with around one hundred cuttings. Watered akadama… Continue reading NISHIKI GAWA CUTTINGS