Como Park Zoo and Conservatory, MN

Travel for the Now

That’s a picture of a monkey showing me his balls. He wasn’t always showing his better side to me. Previously he was just hanging out with his hands on the window. I guess after multiple pictures from myself and others, he was sick of it and in his own way told us to blow him. This is an awesome monkey and I’m quite proud of him, and this picture. This was him before he was done with our paparazzi antics. He’s a cute little guy. I named him Richard, or Dick for short.


I saw Dick along with a plethora of other really cool animals and plants at Como Park Zoo and Conservatory in St Paul, Minnesota. Even though the weather was just plain shitty, we still ventured out to see what was going on, and I’m glad we did. Besides Dick we saw flamingos, gorillas, a tiger, polar bears, many different fish…

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