Nature Miniaturized

Originally posted on Frozen Memories:
Bonsai Since the dawn of time, man has tried to control nature. Mostly it is in vain. Always it is temporary. In the end, nature wins out for she has the patience of millennia which is far longer than the memory of man. She outlasted the ancient Egyptians, the venerable Anasazi, and will outlast we arrogant humans who believe we are… Continue reading Nature Miniaturized

Collected Hemlocks – Mother and Daughter

BONSAIKO I was trying to come up with a catchy title for this blog and could not come up with a good one.   The mother and daughter, although a little cheesy, seemed to be appropriate for this pair of trees.   This was the pair of trees I worked on in Spring of this year with my friend Brian  Hemlock, Blues Music, and Great Company.   Brian … Continue reading Collected Hemlocks – Mother and Daughter

A Photo Journal of Bonsai Repotting

BONSAIKO I would say the most important task in bonsai is root development, rune pruning, or repotting.  The trees energy is supported by the roots.  A bonsai must have healthy fine roots to become a good bonsai which will lead to a healthy tree and eventually withstand the other training that follows to create a good bonsai.  I was lucky enough to learn a systematic … Continue reading A Photo Journal of Bonsai Repotting