Bonsai at Gardening Scotland Part 3

Robert Nocher Shohin Bonsai

The third and final part of this post will focus on the trade displays.There were 2 bonsai traders at Gardening Scotland in 2016 and both put forward a display for judging by the Scottish Horticultural Society, both were awarded gold medals.

This is an overview of the Watston Bonsai display.


and here are more detailed pictures of some of the trees. Click on any image to see a larger one in gallery mode.

This is an overview of the North of England Bonsai display


and here are some detailed pictures. Click on any image to see a larger one in gallery mode

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The James J. Smith collection at Heathcote Gardens, pt. 2

Adam's Art and Bonsai Blog

I have made another editorial decision (since I am the editor in chief) concerning this continuation of the James J. Smith photo essay; after counting how many photos of trees there are in my camera roll, I am splitting the remainder up into parts two and three (I was thinking maybe doing parts four and five and naming this one part six but sometimes my humor isn’t quite understood).

Anyway, here’s part two: I’ll start with controversy, stirrin’ the puddin’, as it were.

This tree was called ficus exotica by Jim Smith.I know it looks a little like f. salicaria or the sport of salicaria called “89” but it’s different. But it’s not, as far as myself and Seth can find, a f. exotica. That fig (ficus “exotica”) is a name of a variety of ficus benjamina with a fancy curled leaf tip (go ahead, look it up, I’ll…

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