The annual, mandatory, airlayer post 

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To fulfill my contractual blogging obligations with the National Blogging Counsel, here is this year’s airlayer post. For kicks, I’m combining two different time lines, just to see if I can keep myself in the correct tense grammatically and time-wise. It’ll be fun. I like a challenge. Like watching a Dr. Who program or reading a Robert Heinlein bootstrap-paradox yarn. I just hope I don’t become my own grandfather, he was an asshole…..wait?! Too late……

The first two trees in working (worked?) are from late April, after Jason Schley’s spring festival: an Escambron (claredendron aculeatum) and a premna microphylla.

I’ll only be air layering (layered? Laid?) the premna. I carved the Escambron and I’m just going to be showing that off a bit. Let’s do the airlayer first. Get it out of the way.

Premna microphylla. It’s becoming more popular in the U.S but there still aren’t a lot available…

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Bonsai at Gardening Scotland Part 2

Robert Nocher Shohin Bonsai

The Scottish Bonsai Association take over a considerable floor are within the flower pavilion for their  event. Competition is divided into 2 categories. Members select the best trees available and display them together. These are judged by the Scottish Horticultural Society along with all the other stands in the pavilion, medals and cash prizes are awarded for this competition. 2 of the displays entered by the SBA were awarded gold medals. Here are some overview Pictures of the medal winning displays.

Large tree display


Shohin Display


The other competition is an open event, where individual trees are judged by the SBA in different classes. Here are some overview pictures of the display stands for this competition.


Here is a Gallery of detailed pictures from the 2 competitions. Click on any image to see a larger one in gallery mode.

Throughout the weekend members of the public could buy a small…

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