Alabama Bonsai Society History: 1948 Ginkgo

Nebari Bonsai

This club-owned ginkgo came from Brussel’s in 1988, for the price of $500. Here is the record:




In 1992, it was shown at the BCI international convention in Memphis. If memory serves, Masahiko Kimura was there too. As were several west-coast artists, including John Naka and Ben Oki.

I have had the privilege of caring for this tree for a couple years, as have several club members. Here is the tree, nearly 30 years later, as an almost 70 year old tree in 2015:

At some point in the past, the central leader was removed, perhaps as a styling decision, or maybe it died. Unfortunate, but the remaining tree is still quite nice, and at 32″ tall, still a large bonsai.

And a shot from spring 2016:


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