Wait ’til you see what I do to this new acquisition! OMG!

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Look at this beauty!

A collected neea buxifolia (the common name is nia. Don’t ask me why the difference in spelling. It’s a tree native to Puerto Rico and they say nia. Maybe some macho man botanist had to assert his dominance by putting neea, idk).

It’s a sweet specimen, shohin sized with a trunk full of character. I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Ready?

Gotta weed it first.

Damn, my hands are itching to get to work. Look at those branches!

The tree did suffer a bit from being inside; I got it at the recent Bsf convention.

A black tip like this is usually from the lack of light when you bring it indoors.It happens when I have to bring them in during the winter cold snaps too.

We had a great convention this year. The headliners were Bjorn BjorholmHe’s so dreamy.


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