Penny Pinching pensioner’s supermarket purchase.

Michael Coopers Studio

pyracantha cascade FBStill trying to get my trees for next to nothing I purchased this Pyracantha from Morrisons Supermarket in a 4″or 5″ pot for probably less than £3.
In May 2014. I planted it in the ground and let one twig grow quite long before putting in a large pot last year  and wiring for a cascade style. I know the pot is a bit larger than it should be but it was the best we could find of that height  at a reasonable price for my daughter to give me, together with some other bonsai bits and bobs last Christmas,thanks Jo.    (from Got Bonsai)

Oct 11th 15 022FB

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After the Storm

Wind Rush


After breakfast the storm rolled in,
with rumbling thunder in the distance,
then lightning flashed and struck her heart,
criticism roared.

Seeking cover in her own self worth
she whispered, “Don’t spit anger”
yet spit she did with spiteful words
that blew back to sting her face.

After the storm, the quiet rolled in
no more lightning, no more thunder,
just retreating heavy clouds of distance.

After the storm she walked alone
among ancient bonsai trees and whispered
thanks to each enduring work of art.

The presence of the artists’ patient visions
offered balance to her sudden flash of anger.
The heavy clouds began to dissipate.


Display at the National Bonsai Garden in Washington, D.C.


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Wait ’til you see what I do to this new acquisition! OMG!

Adam's Art and Bonsai Blog

Look at this beauty!

A collected neea buxifolia (the common name is nia. Don’t ask me why the difference in spelling. It’s a tree native to Puerto Rico and they say nia. Maybe some macho man botanist had to assert his dominance by putting neea, idk).

It’s a sweet specimen, shohin sized with a trunk full of character. I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Ready?

Gotta weed it first.

Damn, my hands are itching to get to work. Look at those branches!

The tree did suffer a bit from being inside; I got it at the recent Bsf convention.

A black tip like this is usually from the lack of light when you bring it indoors.It happens when I have to bring them in during the winter cold snaps too.

We had a great convention this year. The headliners were Bjorn BjorholmHe’s so dreamy.


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