Pacific Bonsai Museum Decked Out Exhibit


bonsai exhibitI attended the first day opening of a new art exhibit at the Pacific Bonsai Museum, located in Federal Way, Washington. It’s called “Decked Out – From Scroll to Skateboard” and showcases skateboard artwork of local artists. Now you may ask, “What do skateboards have to do with bonsai?” Let me explain.

(Text taken from photo above) Traditionally, bonsai are displayed in a small alcove called a tokonoma, a repository where family heirlooms and cherished art are displayed. Within the art of bonsai, a tokonoma display consists of three elements: a bonsai, a hanging scroll, and a small accent plant or art object which are of the highest quality in both beauty and craftsmanship. These three components work in harmony to evoke a specific natural setting or story.

The Decked Out exhibit reinterprets the traditional hanging scroll used in bonsai display with modern skate deck art. Each display is presented…

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