Why Bonsai shows can be good for Bonsai



About 2 weeks ago the Puget Sound Bonsai Association put together their Spring Bonsai Show.  As a club member, obviously I was excited and this year decided to show a couple of my trees.  In my mind, I’ve always thought, out the 70 plus trees I have, I should be able to pull a couple of trees to show.  I found out that when I evaluated my trees for a show, I got more critical and found out that only about 5 out all the trees I have are  ready or can be prepared easily for a show.   There is a saying between bonsai enthusiast that “bonsai is never finished”,  the trees are always being developed or improved.   However, when trees are being prepared for a show, there’s a tendency (at least for me) to be more critical of the tree.  If  I can only keep that mind set all…

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