Some tree that I used to know….

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There are just too many jokes that can be made in bonsai. Example, you see a pretty girl and you say to your bonsai pal “I’d like to show her my formal upright, if ya know what I mean…” Or the female bonsai enthusiast sees a cascade and declares “Reminds me of my last husband, I traded him in on a younger model…”

You get my meaning? I’d never make those jokes myself, too crass. I’m way above that lowbrow type of humor. I’m here for the noble study of bonsai trees. Anyway, I like trimmed bushes myself….da da dum crash! Speaking of which, this one needs a little trim (don’t we all?)

It needs to be weeded desperately too.

This weed is a specifically noxious one called oxalis. It looks like clover but it ain’t. Clover in a bonsai pot might just be useful. There are studies using clover…

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