Taking a stand 

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The 2016 Bonsai Societies of Florida annual convention is coming up (go herefor details, there’s still some room in the workshops) and I, again, have a tree in the dog and pony sho…aaa, the exhibit this year so it is, again, time to prepare a display…… You know, in Japan, they have specialists that put together displays for the shows. It’s a totally separate (but related) discipline and there are few bonsai artists really qualified to assemble and judge a display. Kunio Kobyashi and his student Peter Warren are two that come to mind. I need one of those types of experts.

Myself, I like trees. If we could display them alone with a black background and on a plain white stand, I’d not mind that at all. But….we must follow the conventions and mores of the societies we inhabit, you know, please and thank you’s, wear clothes…

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