Bunjin #2: Lodgepole Pine

Michael Hagedorn

Second up in our tale of two bunjin is this Lodgepole Pine, Pinus contorta subsp. murrayana, which I collected in the fall of 2013.

It’s almost assumed that wire is used when styling a pine. But here’s one that didn’t need any. It was styled by simply removing what wasn’t already interesting…

DSC_0369 This photo is from the fall of 2014. The box is tipped at this inclination so the shoots would grow without needing wire. This tree is a lot older than it looks. Notice the curious branch movements, all of which simply grew that way over many years. This is our intended front. The next three photos show the different sides of this tree as it is rotated.

DSC_0370 2nd side…

DSC_0371 3rd side…(or back)…

DSC_0372 4th side.

DSC_0374 Pruning back a large branch, which is nearly as thick as the trunk. If left it would ruin the scale and delicacy of the tree…

DSC_0376 …it’s mostly removed now, but…

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