Ficus, me matey!

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Uh oh, I’m doing it again. Look what I’ve done gone and found:

Before we begin, clickherefor the soundtrack. No, really, you’ll be amused. I need to make more YouTube videos, you can actually make money on those.

Anyway, we have a not-so-average “ginseng ficus” from one of the big box stores, I’m sure you can figure out which one by the color. This one doesn’t have that obnoxious root system most examples have.

It’s a perfect candidate for what we westerners call the “sumo” style. With some mods of course but, then, I’ll get to that in a bit. That’s kinda what the post is about.

The two ugliest roots are here.

This one happens to be a grafted foliage version. But It seems as if they just grafted the same leaf as the rootstock.

Here’s the grafted foliage.Which looks like retusa to me.

And here’s…

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