Creativity Excercise: Scrappy Juniper to Bonsai


This juniper is definitely one material that could challenge someone’s creativity.  I collected this juniper from a client’s yard last Spring.  A branch from a larger juniper touched the ground and in time it rooted.  This was that branch, and it had enough roots that last year it grew like it didn’t skip a beat.   When I potted it last spring, I immediately potted in a bonsai pot with bonsai soil.

I felt confident of its health that last September I did some initial work.  I sharied the trunk and did some light pruning.

Then this last winter I did some work on it againto get it closer to my vision for it.  During that last work however, I realized that I can make two bonsais out this one tree.  I will try to air layer the upper portion for a shohin tree.   I intentionally left other branches on this tree…

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