Maxi fun and scores on Mini birding day

Hermanus Bird Club

By Ronnie Hazell

On Sunday 13 March, six teams, made up of Hermanus Bird Club members, took part in the annual Mini Big Birding Day.

MBBD Cranes & Verreaux's 3a One of the most dramatic sights of the day was this of a young Verreaux’s Eagle diving down several times to grab a Blue Crane chick. However, the chick was successfully protected by the group of adults, forming a circle around it. Image: Barbara Palmer

Although light rain had been forecast for the morning, most of us managed to keep dry as the showers were pretty scattered.

To start at 6:00 a.m. was somewhat challenging as the overcast conditions did not allow any light through. Even so, two teams managed to find a Fiery-necked Nightjar, and most others saw Spotted Eagle-Owls.

Thereafter the teams set forth on their various routes. While some had more success than others, the general consensus was that everybody had a good time. It was…

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