Creating a Bonsai from a Variegated Ficus

Bohemian Dreamworks

I’ve always been one who once I get something in my mind I will obsess over it. Well I had two variegated Ficus about 2 foot tall, both growing nicely but they just looked like they needed something. And that is when it hit me, would it be possible to cut them way back? What would happen if I cut them down to a small stump? Would it kill them? Could they ever recover from the shock?

This picture is one of my Ficus that is about the same height as the one I started my bonsai with.IMG_1716

Well off I went to consult my friend, Google. After searching for a while I didn’t find the specific answer to my question. But my curiosity was eating at me. A few days go by and I found myself just taking the plunge and cut one of them back. I cut it all…

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