Bonsai artists are patient, persistent and observant


I recently attended a bonsai presentation by Julian Adams, a renowned authority. Mr. Adams stressed that the art of bonsai is not without extensive thought. Every cut, every wire, every drop of fertilizer and every pot must have a reason for its selection.

The art of bonsai is like life. Everything we do influences our next move. Planning is critical. Certain actions also produce predictable results.

Training plants to our desired growth outcome is not a quick process. Our lives are similarly molded by many experiences. We can’t expect to be an expert concert pianist or painter after just a few lessons any more than we can expect to turn a plant from our local garden center into a bonsai with a few strokes of our pruning shears.

Producing a bonsai with features of an old tree can be even tougher. Plants are living organisms. They are susceptible to attack from…

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