The Question of the Front…

Michael Hagedorn

Even the best front can become boring over time…a pot change, a change in inclination, or even a front change can enliven an old familiar tree and make it feel like we’ve suddenly got a new one.

This ‘Chojubai’ quince has several front possibilities. This year we decided to shake it up a bit. The photo essay tells the tale of our front shift, and what we did to make it work:

DSC_0361 Base of the Chojubai quince from the original front. Note small but old branch coming off the lower nebari to the right. Nebari is narrow from this front.

DSC_0362 New front possibility. Small old branch is now right in our face. Nebari is seen to best advantage, however.

DSC_0369 New front with low branch removed. Best branch movement is from this front, and also nebari, although the tree needs a slight tip to the right for better top balance.

DSC_0371 Removing Chojubai…

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