Landscape Juniper to Bonsai


This landscape juniper was collected from a landscape project we did in the Spring of 2011.  It sat in its own soil for 2 years (luckily that soil was sandy and kept the tree alive).  Then I repotted the tree into this myca pot with bonsai soil about 2 years ago.  I’m not sure what variety of juniper this is but the foliage have a light green color to it (probably Golden Juniper).  At first,  I tried to graft a shimpaku juniper last year but probably did not do it right and I got impatient.  After accepting that I will keep its own foliage the way it is, I styled the tree for the first time this last fall and winter.

I was thinking of a much smaller tree but since this is my first time to style it, I left myself with options and some insurance.   I left two apex (s) to this tree.   I…

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