The trees of Kawa Bonsai’s Joy of Bonsai show, 2016….hopefully it’s not the last…

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This post is late in coming but I think it’s important to share the pics.

This could possibly be the last Joy of Bonsai the the Kawa Bonsai Society of Florida puts on. It’s definitely the last one in its historical venue; the Vp, Louise Leister, had been employed by the Volusia County Agricultural Extension office and was able to secure the building for the show, she is now an independent consultant and doesn’t have that prove large anymore. And considering that the Club is technically in the middle of no where, there is a distinct lack of places for next year’s show (the city the building is located in is called Bunnel, look it up on a map. There are roads but not much else. I don’t think there’s even a McDonald’s in the town…..think about that!). Maybe they’ll find an indoor sports arena like Bill Valavanis did for…

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