2 live oaks, as oaky as they wanna be

Adam's Art and Bonsai Blog

A shiny nickel to the first person (in the blog’s comment section) who identifies the reference in the title.

Today’s subjects are a coupla’ live oaks, one collected, one a nursery grown tree.

Let’s see if I can get myself in trouble today.

We call them live oaks (quercus virginiana) or, actually southern live oaks (but we here in the USA are suffering from The Offends of late so I’ll drop the “southern” part, you know, just to be more sensitive to the twang contingent in my readership). You see, even though they are deciduous trees, they don’t drop their leaves until very late winter/early spring and then it’s a one week span of time where the leaves drop, the flowers release massive amounts of pollen, and the new leaves emerge. It’s a very frantic time of the year for them. They complain and over-share their pain by changing the…

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