Trunk chopping example

Originally posted on Nebari Bonsai:
A visible example of trunk-chopping in this shohin Corkbark Chinese Elm. Dug in March, can you tell where the chops were made? At the red lines: Now, look at it from the left: It’s nice when the chops can all be made to the back, so scars aren’t visible from the front. Continue reading Trunk chopping example

So long, sugarbirds

Originally posted on Hermanus Bird Club:
? By Mike Ford Those of you who have nectar feeders in your gardens will probably be noticing a drop-off in sugarbird numbers over the past few days. A Cape Sugarbird (Kaapse Suikervoël) in a Hermanus garden. Image: Charles Naudé. This is almost the end of the “scavenging” season for these birds and it is time for them to start returning… Continue reading So long, sugarbirds