Collaborating with Nature – Search for Relevance of Bonsai Art and Self



About a week from today, one of my bonsai trees will be on display at the Portland Art Museum for The Artisans Cup (an Exhibition of American Bonsai)  Needless to say, I’m very excited about this event.   There are  3 main reasons for my excitement:

1) Most obvious reason…my tree will be on display

2) I get to see other amazing trees from all over United States and some from Canada. Hopefully meet the artists that created them.

3) The idea that The Artisan Cup will catapult awareness to higher quality of American bonsai and therefore a greater appreciation and respect for bonsai art  here in America itself and to the whole world.

Thumbing through some old magazines I have, I came across an interview of David DeGroot (former curator of Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection now Pacific Bonsai Museum ) with Bonsai Today 84th issue  in 2003.  He describes how bonsai is perceived here in America:


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