Juniper progress

Michael Coopers Studio

This tree was first bought as garden centre stock in 1987. Then I neglected it as I did most of my trees whilst running my gallery and trying to make a living, only in recent times has it really had some attention. This as I have said before is my Zen method of looking at  tree for 25 years before actually touching it.  Obviously a school of thought that does not seem to work very well as my  attempts to style it were not very successful

Juniper March 2014 Juniper March 2014

Juniper July14BLOG Juniper July 2014

 This year with the added confidence of joining a bonsai club, learning from some old hands  there and being able to spend a lot more time with my trees I really got down to trying to do something better with this tree.
I  lowered that right hand branch down, removed the first little twig of foliage, jinned the stump that was left of that…

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