September 2015 Meeting

Originally posted on TAUNTON & SOMERSET BONSAI CLUB:
My Favourite Tree was the theme of the meeting with members bringing along a tree and saying a few words about it. One thing that soon appeared to be common to most was that nearly all the trees were ones that members had grown themselves from simple starting material , hedgerows, garden, or garden centre plants,  hardly… Continue reading September 2015 Meeting

#Bonsai Network Japan

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Aujourd’hui je voulais partager avec vous une récente expérience d’achat. Je me suis acheté une paire de ciseaux à racines sur le site «bonsai network japan». La marque est Yoshi, mais ils tiennent aussi du masakuni et du kawabe, des outils de grande qualité. Le prix des différents articles est très bon en rapport à la qualité offerte. On voit que… Continue reading #Bonsai Network Japan

A size 12 plant into a size 4 bonsai pot? 

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Today, I have for you, for your amazement and amusement, a ?performance of an astounding feat of magic, the almost impossible sounding and superb act of placing a round peg into a square hole, “Wait….” You say, “That sounds easy!”? But! But…. Ahhh! My friends, my dear, dear friend, what if that proverbial round peg is… Continue reading A size 12 plant into a size 4 bonsai pot?