Podocarpus? Podo-crazy!

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A bucket of podocarpus trimmings. If it could be smoked, I’d move to Colorado and make more money selling it than I’d ever make doing bonsai. Or not. Maybe. I know of at least two bonsai professionals just waiting for legalization in their respective states to begin another horticultural enterprise. Let me show you what I’ve been up to lately.

Four podos, especial and stuff, for ya’ll.

I know, the last one is interesting. Let’s begin with the first one though. Just to be regular and things.

This was my second tree to be exhibited at the Epcot International Flower and Garden festival. It just needs a trim. Well, a hard trim. I need a step stool though, it’s a little tall for me.

I had let the tree go a little to regain some strength from the show. But that was three years ago, so it’s time for The…

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