A broken bonsai tool

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Here’s a short post that might help you out, but is really just to make myself look more awesome. Because I am you know, just ask anyone. Unless your name is Mike. For some reason, all my life anyone named Mike just couldn’t appreciate my magnificence. Or they did in the beginning, but something happened that dissuaded them from the true and righteous path that I follow.

A tool. No, I don’t mean the Mikes of the world, but a bonsai tool.


Being the hoarder I am, I won’t throw it away. I shall attempt to repair it. And with what shall I fix it, dear Liza, dear Liza? Why, with my mini angle grinder, that’s what I’ll use.

I have two wheels I’m using: a regular grinding wheel….

And a flap disc, which is comprised of overlapping layers of sand paper.

This might be 150 grit. I’m not…

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