September 2015 Meeting


My Favourite Tree was the theme of the meeting with members bringing along a tree and saying a few words about it. One thing that soon appeared to be common to most was that nearly all the trees were ones that members had grown themselves from simple starting material , hedgerows, garden, or garden centre
plants,  hardly any were trees bought as bonsais.

Jon' s passionate enthusiasm shines through Jon’ s passionate enthusiasm shines through

In other words they were all the results of TLC
and ‘all my own work’.
Jon managed to get very passionate about his
little Rowan enthusiastically embarking on an
aesthetic journey into The Spirit of the Tree.

The other common factor of ‘Favourite trees’seemed to be that most had been acquired fornext to nothing. It’s not that we are a mean lot, just careful.

Sarah’s  Euonymus or Spindle Tree was a splendid example of a freebie, rescued from…

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