Whoah there little bonsai, you’re getting so big…..

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Ahhhhhh!!! It’s gonna eat me! It’s the mouth tree from hell, the Whomping Willow’s carnivorous cousin, the Chomping Willow……leaf ficus.

Actually, it’s this tree

It’s kinda wild looking from afar too; you may remember this (and other) popular trees from the previous post Total Willowleaf Ficus Drama!

If not, then go click on the link, ya jerky!

Look at this. This is today.Now look at this. This was a year ago.

This was a reapplication of wire (as I recommend) to scar the tree in the opposite direction.
Let’s look at today again, one year later. Hmmmmmnnnnnn……I’d hazard a guess that, in one more year, you won’t see the wire scars at all. Told you so! And that big maw, the big gaping wound…..

this was a year ago.

And today.

Purty darn good, I’d say. Now, should you read that previous post (and you should, it’s a durn…

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