There’s something not quite right here… it bonsai? Art? 

Adam's Art and Bonsai Blog

What kind of mischief am I up to today?

Well, let’s see now, we have a piece of deadwood from a California juniper.

And a young, small, but long, premna microphylla.

We have a Japanese pot.

It says so on the bottom.

We have a wooden construction that looks suspiciously like the base of the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.

And, finally, some shades.

’Cuz I’m cool like that. Actually, they are safety glasses (notice the 3M logo). But still, I am cool.

Like that.

The safety glasses are because I need to carve a groove (I can lay down a mean groove too. On a bass guitar. ‘Cuz I’m cool like that).

My long shafted die grinder (‘cuz I’m cool……ok, I’ll stop). And the groove all layed down on the wood (that sounds…..wrong…..somehow).

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am putting together what is called, variously, a Phoenix…

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