A size 12 plant into a size 4 bonsai pot? 

Adam's Art and Bonsai Blog

Today, I have for you, for your amazement and amusement, a performance of an astounding feat of magic, the almost impossible sounding and superb act of placing a round peg into a square hole,

“Wait….” You say, “That sounds easy!”

But! But…. Ahhh! My friends, my dear, dear friend, what if that proverbial round peg is eight sizes (give or take) too big for that allegorical square hole!? Feast your skeptical eyes upon this improbable looking challenge!

Attend to exhibit “A” on the left! A ficus microcarpa “melon seed”. A spectacular varietal dwarf that is causing a mild stir in the tropical bonsai culture because it has such tiny leaves.

These leaves are as big as they get and, therefore and amazingly, will reduce smaller using the ancient and fantastical Far East techniques we call, lovingly, bonsai.

As an aside, I believe, as a spinster does in the eternal love…

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