Cracked pots, wire scars, ficus in focus and some philosophy

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I’ll apologize for the rambling nature of this post up front (I promise this isn’t the Saruyama blog, there definitely won’t be any 80’s British, pop/rock video embeds to make you cry….or do the Safety Dance). I’m in an odd frame of mind and you, my dear readers, must suffer for it. Let’s see if you can follow along.

There are some trees I’ve been working on. Four or five I think. Maybe eight or seven. Not so sure.

Anyway, an Australian pine (casuarina equestifolia)

A ficus microcarpa

Ficus salicaria

And another f. Salicaria (a willow leaf fig, for the non-Romans amongst us)
There are a few more but I’ll slip them in, just as smoothly as a candiru slipping up an eco tourist’s urethra, as we go along.

Let’s talk about the big willow leaf. It seems like a good place to start. It looked liked this 21 weeks…

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