A Dragon Yamadori Buttonwood Bonsai

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Here’s the tree I teased with in the last article.That’s how it looked two years ago inthis post. I got the tree from Mary Madison, one of the best yamadori collectors in Florida. It was brought to my attention by a guy who used to be a friend but somehow, he and I aren’t anymore. Which is sad, really. It was bonsai politics that ruined our friendship. I could write a three part treatise on the deleterious effects of politics on the bonsai community. But I won’t. It’s not worth the space or the time. To quote Paul Pikel,

“I just want to work on my trees.”

With that said, here is the tree today. I know, I know, I’ve kinda neglected it. You can see why the buttonwood’s botanical name is conocarpus erectus. No, not because it has hard wood, but, if allowed to grow, it…

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