Ficus madness. With a little help from my daughter

Thanx for a great post bud.

Adam's Art and Bonsai Blog

I’ve been a ficus fool, so many trees, I’m so cool. Bonsai trees will make you drool, so much saliva, it will pool. I have ficus blood all over my scissor tool, white sap everywhere, like a true believer of Zuul.

Sorry, that last line was a stretch, I know. Actually, the whole thing was a stretch.

Here are today’s trees.

Ficus salicaria, the vaunted willow leaf fig (a fig is a ficus is a fig is a ficus, all the world around. Pronounce it “fee coose” in the Spanish speaking countries, por favor. And, it’s a fig in the UK, ya’ wankers)

Ficus microcarpa (the old and ignorant still want to call this a retusa. Yeah, I said that…)

Ficus burtt-davyi (The species was named in honor of the argostologist and botonist Joseph Burtt Davy, who worked in South Africa between 1903 and 1919, where this ficus is native)

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