Photo Shoot – Snowy Egrets

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Snowy Egret While eating lunch at the Birdseye Boat Ramp in Stratford, Connecticut, we noticed a snowy egret foraging on the shore.  I set up my gear and snapped hundreds of shots. Once again, this turned more into a learning experience than anything.  My settings I normally shot photos with were not adequate for the bright white of the egret… Continue reading Photo Shoot – Snowy Egrets

Montreal Bonsai Bus Trip

Valavanis Bonsai Blog Every few years our Bonsai Society of Upstate New York takes a bus trip to expose our members to interesting bonsai collections. In the past we have visited Canada (Montreal Botanical Garden and David Easterbrook); Washington, D.C. (National Bonsai & Penjing Museum, Kennett Collection and Sean Smith); and Boston (Arnold Arboretum, Suthin, Bonsai West and New England Bonsai Garden). On July 18, … Continue reading Montreal Bonsai Bus Trip

ちゃぼひば Cyabohiba(Cypress)

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 季節の一枚から:From one season The Omiya Bonsai Art Museum, Saitama. Taken in July. Chamaecyparis obtusa → Kamakurahiba ← Cyabohiba (Garden variety) No.029 樹が斜めに植えらえた不思議な一鉢。檜は山の尾根に植林される。視線を山岳ルートを巡る様に根元を回って歩かせてみると面白い、ぴたりとはまる。 谷側になりますが、気分でも伝われば。撮影:いのうえつな 1930年頃大井にて つなさん引き続き探しています。子孫の方、詳細をご存知の方連絡下さい。 HPを見て下さる方が8割日本語圏外なので、お節介で共通言語になるかとかなり怪しい英語表記を入れてます。のんきに始めたHPですがこの様な展開になるとは思わなかった! Continue reading ちゃぼひば Cyabohiba(Cypress)

Photo Shoot – Ospreys

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Osprey During our first day in Connecticut, we had an unbelievable wildlife experience.  One of the dozens of species that stood out during the trip were the ospreys. Whether they were at Milford Point in the morning or Long Beach in the early evening, they put on quite a show.  The ospreys at Long Beach were a little more active, so I… Continue reading Photo Shoot – Ospreys