Montreal Bonsai Bus Trip

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Every few years our Bonsai Society of Upstate New York takes a bus trip to expose our members to interesting bonsai collections. In the past we have visited Canada (Montreal Botanical Garden and David Easterbrook); Washington, D.C. (National Bonsai & Penjing Museum, Kennett Collection and Sean Smith); and Boston (Arnold Arboretum, Suthin, Bonsai West and New England Bonsai Garden).




On July 18, 19, 2015 our group of 22 members and friends revisited Canada to once again see the bonsai collections at the Montreal Botanical Garden, David Easterbrook and Serge Rubidoux. On the way home we visited Pauline Muth’s bonsai studio.


We were fortunate to have Eric Auger, Curator of the Japanese, North American and Tropical Bonsai Collections guide us around and answered all questions. He first took to areas not open to the public to see bonsai which were not on display, his workroom and overwintering greenhouses. Since the Chinese…

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