Shohin Hawthorn Gets the Chop

Robert Nocher Shohin Bonsai

I took this first picture of one of my hawthorns at the start of the season. As I studied the tree I could see that due to the distinct lack of taper in the trunk, it was not going to make a satisfying shohin image. I decided to chop it back and start again.


Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture immediately after this work was carried out but the next picture shows the progress 4 months after the cut was made. As you can see it has put on a lot of new growth and there are now enough new branches to carry out an initial wiring.


Here it is earlier today after preliminary branch selection and the application of a little wire.


I think it is looking much better now. The next job will be to take it out of its pot next spring and remove a few thick surface roots.

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