Bonsai, two new starters

Michael Coopers Studio

Modest little trees that may pay dividends one day

When we had our club bonsai show at Willowbrook  Garden Centre near Wellington I treated myself,well no, my wife Sue treated me to two little plants to work on . The first a Berberis  thunbergii  ‘Bagatelle’ or Japanese Barberry. Normally grows to about 3 feet or so and as I forgot to take a photo before I started work on it I have sketched over a photo to show roughly the foliage area and the level the roots were planted up to. Of the plants there this one had the best trunk potential hidden in it.
I reduced it all round, removed some very straight branches that crossed badly over others and then wary of the very fine little thorns wired it a bit to give it a slight swept movement and carefully repotted it, exposing about another half inch or more of trunk, in quite…

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