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I have always loved Bonsai plants, loved their miniature replication of natural, full-grown, trees in the wild. There is something so precise, so magical about creating a miniature garden. However, like most pursuits, it is not as easy as it may seem. Over the past several years, I have bought bonsai plants, and I bought ordinary juniper and jade plants and… Continue reading BIT BY A BONSAI BUG .

Pledge Nature Reserve

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The Reserve falls within the Cape Floral Kingdom, which, with its 8600 plant species, is the worlds’ richest temperate flora. The upper sections of Pledge Nature Reserve is one of the last remnants of the endangered Garden Route Shale Fynbos and it is our priority to manage this area to ensure its survival. The lower-lying areas consist of Riverine Thicket and… Continue reading Pledge Nature Reserve

Graceful in Air: Little Egret!!! by RiazSiddiki

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Ever since I started frequenting Rawal Lake regularly, I have begun to think of myself as part of the environment…..these egrets, cormorants, sandpipers, herons, wagtails, swallow, harriers, gulls, coots, kingfishers, all of them now look to me as part of one big family and myself part of it somehow………I want to save them……see them prospering……..see our future secure…….. via 500px Continue reading Graceful in Air: Little Egret!!! by RiazSiddiki

Small European Black Pine

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SI … Zgodba črnega bora (Pinus nigra) se je začela že davnega leta 2007. Takrat sem še nekako drugače gledal na to, katero drevo je primerno za vzgojo v bonsai. Danes se najverjetneje nebi odločil za izkop takega materiala, ampak ker je pač drevo v zbirki, je bilo potrebno nekaj narediti. EN … The story of this european black… Continue reading Small European Black Pine