A for Apathy, B for Birding

Great post. A lot of your birds you show here are also found in South Africa.


Chennai, with its wooded forests, shrub lands and water bodies, is meant to be bird-friendly. I should feel lucky that I live here. But the luxury escapes me. Not that there aren’t enough birds to spot. Our residential bird count is impressive. A large number of migratory visitors still show up every winter. It’s just that my city isn’t friendly to them anymore.

For many years now, Chennai has been clamoring for modernization by any means necessary. Like any other city in India, this city once had an admirable appetite for urban growth. It wanted to improve the quality of living, extend public transport facilities and ensure better security measures. The hunger to become a cleaner, safer and nicer city has since skyrocketed into pathological greed to be branded as being truly global – whatever that means.

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