I have always loved Bonsai plants, loved their miniature replication of natural, full-grown, trees in the wild. There is something so precise, so magical about creating a miniature garden.

However, like most pursuits, it is not as easy as it may seem. Over the past several years, I have bought bonsai plants, and I bought ordinary juniper and jade plants and attempted to create bonsai from them. None are with us any longer. All are dead and thrown out long ago.

But the Bonsai bug bit me again recently. This time, I told myself, I am going to do it right. In preparation, I went online, read articles, watched You Tube videos. There are rules, so many rules.

I will be happy with modest success – a plant or two that survives, and one or two that actually resemble Bonsai.

Bonsai is from the Japanese, bon ‘tray’ + sai ‘planting’.

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One thought on “BIT BY A BONSAI BUG .

  1. Thank you for re-blogging my post ‘Bit by a Bonsai Bug’ from my I am honoured in light of the incredible collection of bonsai photos on your blog. Do they all belong to members of the Munster Bonsai society?

    On another topic entirely, I love Northern Ireland – have many relatives in County Down. Two visited us in Ontario in early June. Slainte!

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