Playing around with accessories

Scratch Bonsai

Two days to go until The Bonsai Experience here in Northern Ireland and I finally received some online purchases for my trees being exhibited.  It’s always going to be difficult getting the right sizes online but I’m reasonably happy with these boards.  Spent a while tonight mixing and matching trees, boards and possible accents.

edited Satsuki Azalea and Japanese Maple cutting

DSC_0132 Different board for the accent. Possibly not as good a match for the rectangular pot.


DSC_0133 Sedum accent

DSC_0127 Chinese Elm on bamboo mat with unknown flowering accent on ji ta

DSC_0129 Shohin/mame Cotoneaster

DSC_0128 Chuhin Japanese Larch on bamboo mat with flowering Satsuki Azalea cutting on ji ta

It’s a lot of work trying to put display ideas together and get trees presentable for a show but definitely worth it as I have learned a few things in the process.  For example, looking at the photos above, I’m just not convinced about the…

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