Pinus sylvestris “Trbouc”

Terra Rosha Bonsai

SI … Tokrat sva se s Samijem lotila mojega rdečega bora (Pinus sylverstris), katerega sem izkopal jeseni 2013. Kot material ni nič posebnega, ravno deblo, večina zelene mase daleč na konicah vej. Kar nekaj časa sem premišljeval kaj narediti iz drevesa, v igri je bilo več opcij.

EN… This time me and Sami undertaken my Scots pine(Pinus sylverstris), which I brought from the nature in autumn 2013. The material is nothing special, straight trunk,  most of green mass is at the tips of branches. I spent some time thinking about what to do from the tree there were several options.

IT Questa volta, con il aiuto di Sami abbiamo lavorato il mio pino silvestre(Pinussylverstris), che ho portato dalla naturanel autunno del2013.Il materialeè niente di speciale, il tronco quasi senza movimento, la massaverde 

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Siberian Elm – Ulmus pumila


This little Elm had a huge ugly cut right at soil level when it came IMG_2951into mypossession a year anda half ago. This was carved quite deeply to get rid of and then it was extended upwards to try and get a more natural look. The carving was further worked on today. The large carving at the bottom has weathered well and the shari extending upwards from here was made deeper as well as fine carved with a Dremel. A small carving was done on the back where another large (not as large as the front one) cut was made. This resulted in a hole now going through from the back to the front. It is quite high up near the apex.IMG_2953

The leaves have now all dropped and it was decided to work on the carving a bit more and then to also pull the branches on the left…

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This was the Brazilian Raintree studyguide for my trip to the Cincy Bonsai club, sorry guys….

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Iwas writing this post in anticipation of my impending trip to the Bonsai Society of Greater Cincinnati in, um, Cincinnati. And, since my workshop was on a BRT, and since I had just worked on one and took photos, well, you know, I had photos that now needed words to make sense of them, I guess, and something for the Cincy students to look at before I got there. And, before I confuse you more, I think we should begin with the post……

I did all the work a few weeks ago now, and had planned on publishing before June 17th but I just couldn’t manage it. I got sick again. I didn’t really know how sick. Here I am arriving at the hospital (Orlando Regional Medical Center). I had been sitting on my couch for a week previously. Exciting. My home-away-from-home.

I like trees better. Brazilian Raintrees are…

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