Show prep – Chinese Elm

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My chuhin sized Chinese Elm that was repotted earlier this year.  Taking a while to get going but foliage will hopefully fill out over the next few weeks and I can then wire it for the first time in the autumn.  Took a while to moss up today but worth the effort.  Another tree that I’m hoping to have on show at… Continue reading Show prep – Chinese Elm

2015 Alabama Bonsai Society Spring Show part 3

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More images, compliments of John Walker photography: Curvy trident, fun pot Full moon maple Dawn redwood Juniper Cascade Japanese maple Rock planting Nice 7-point shohin display juniper Hokkaido Elm Penjing Boxwood…shows up every year looking happy Juniper, not half bad Root over rock trident. This style was a topic of several conversations, and consistent between Kathy and Crazy, was the… Continue reading 2015 Alabama Bonsai Society Spring Show part 3