Silver Birch Bonsai does me proud

Michael Coopers Studio

I acquired this tree as a seedling in a plastic coffee cup in 1987 with a few others sadly they have long since passed away, birches can suddenly go just like that, so I am keeping my

Silver Birch June 2015 from seedling Silver Birch June 2015 from seedling

fingers crossed that this twin trunks Sôju planting will survive. The trunks are nicely maturing now with silver bark and the leaf growth this year has been brilliant and it has really got going.No longer one of those twigs in a pot as my wife used to call them. So I have been rather chuffed as they say that it came First in our Tree of the Month competition at our local bonsai club in the winter in the novices class for a deciduous tree in winter and again this month  for a tree  in summer leaf. I won’t mention how few trees entered on those two occasions.

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Back to Basics, Working with Raw Material

Robert Nocher Shohin Bonsai

Now that most of the early season re-potting is over, it leaves me with a little more time to study the collected material which lives at the back of my garden, to carry out some basic maintenance on it and to seek out the potential hidden within it.

The 2 pieces that I am looking at today were collected from my garden last year and featured in a blog post at that time.

The first is a Lonicera Nitida. As the first picture shows, it didn’t have many roots, when collected so it was planted deep in a large plastic pot to grow more.



One year on, we can see that it has put on a considerable amount of top growth


When it was removed from the pot and the old compost based soil washed off, you can see that it has a much stronger root system this year. It can now be…

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