Root over rock trident maple project Part 2

Originally posted on Nebari Bonsai:
An update after more work on this trident maple. Apologies in advance for the weeds and busy background… Growing strong in May: Tightened up at the mid-section, and cut back in early July: Checking roots’ attachment to the rock a few weeks later, it appears the lower roots are still somewhat thin. I think it can go into a bonsai… Continue reading Root over rock trident maple project Part 2

Pale Chanting Goshawk (Melierax canorus)

Originally posted on Our Rumbling Ocean:
The introduction picture is how we usually see these in the field. They are endemic to the South Western Africa region, which basically means South Africa, Namibia and Botswana. In flight the white under-wing contrast strongly with the dark primaries on the wing tips, as well as white “windows” on top of wings. The beautiful barred rump can only… Continue reading Pale Chanting Goshawk (Melierax canorus)

Little Tern (Sternula albifrons)

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Little Tern The Little Tern (Sternula albifrons) is a small seabird breeding in Europe and Asia, but migrating much further south during the winter months (up to South Africa and Australia). In Europe, the species is the smallest and rarest of all occurring terns. The birds breed in colonies at the coast or on sandbanks of larger rivers. Similar to… Continue reading Little Tern (Sternula albifrons)