Cheetah Vs Vultures!


This series of photographs are of a sighting I had where over 30 vultures subtly pushed 3 cheetah off their well deserved kill.

We were watching the 3 young male cheetah devouring a nyala on the open plains of Phinda. It was early morning and the sun was beginning to heat up the earth as it does everyday. With the cool air warming from the sun it begins to rise, creating thermals that vultures use as highways to get around without lifting a feather. Once they reach their preferred height they begin searching for carrion they can clean up.

While we were watching the cheetah finishing off their meal we got sight of a vulture flying high in the sky. It began to descend to get a closer look at what was to be an easy meal. It circled a couple of times before landing on the ground a safe…

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